Jaguar Green

Jaguar Green: 3.4 oz

This is an aromatic green fragrance that came about as a promotional fragrance for the auto company that knows luxury so well. Just as the car company has done no wrong, the fragrance sector seems to follow well in its tracks. Made for men, this cologne is all that one could hope for with the Jaguar name attached. Musk and amber two of the notes that stand out in this classic eau de toilette from 1988. Also featured in this aromatic slugger are notes like tobacco, lavender, rose, leather, vanilla, cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a dozen others. Jaguar lovers and fragrance collectors alike will appreciate this cologne, as will fans of classic colognes like Tsar, Quorum and Polo Green, though it's certainly not a dead ringer for any of these. Jaguar for Men is one of those great colognes that really carved its own niche out.

Not to be confused with a newer cologne called Jaguar Classic.