Jaguar Classic

Jaguar Classic: 3.4 oz

Jaguar created its first vehicle in the 1920s: a sidecar for motorcycles. It was after World War II that they moved on to luxury cars. Jaguar Cars, Ltd. was listed on The London Stock Exchange in 1984. Their first foray into fragrances (no doubt for fun and promotional purposes) was in 1988. This 2002 cologne, an aromatic fougere, can trace its lineage as fragrance royalty. No one could have predicted that a Jaguar cologne would be held up as a shining example of colognecraft, and yet here we are. Notes like star anise, lotus, and benzoin make up this thoughtful fragrance for men. This cologne is a perfect gift for car enthusiasts or for the fragrance collector on the hunt for a mature fresh scent.

See also the dark mix, Jaguar Classic Black.