Hugo Boss Orange Man

Hugo Boss Orange: 3.4 oz

Frankincense, apple and vanilla notes, among others, collide to create a fragrant mix that leave the nose wondering just what hit it. This unique cologne for men was born in 2011, using the face of actor Orlando Bloom to tell the tale of its radiant beauty.  The fragrance combination that makes up Boss Orange lends itself to many wearers in all environments. The fruity notes combine with the woody to allow a gentleman to loosen his tie and a surfer to pass for a businessman. No matter the man, he will find himself at home donning this fragrance. Hang out catching waves at the beach, or meet a group for cocktails after the office - this scent combination will go along for the ride without getting in the way. A classy and cool passenger on any voyage indeed.

Not to be confused with another orange Boss, Boss In Motion.