Hugo Boss In Motion

Boss in Motion: 3.4 oz

Designed and released in 2002, Boss In Motion is another home run for designer Hugo Boss, as well as a home run for those who decide to add it to their collection. From the unending complexity of its note pyramid to its excitingly unique spherical bottle, Boss in Motion serves as an excellent passenger on any man's journey. Wear it by itself or combine it with a simple fresh spray like Ajmal Blu to add a twist on your everyday. Whether it's an autumn game night, or you have just closed the deal with a client, notes of pepper, musk and fizzy citrus provide a decidedly masculine scent that is the perfect chorus. This fragrance is affordable, but far from cheap. Those who catch its scent will sense a man of confidence.

This scent is commonly referred to as Boss In Motion Orange - not to be confused with Boss Orange.