Hermès Voyage d'Hermès

Hermès Voyage d'Hermès: 3.4 oz

Maker of all things luxury, Hermès commands attention with every one of their outings. Clothing, accessories or in this particular case fragrances, are always expertly made using the finest materials and ingredients available for a price that is quite a bit more than 2 quarters, a bobby pin, lint and a stick of chewing gum.

Voyage d'Hermès launched in 2010 to great critical and public appeal, as always. This is a unisex fragrance that does not specify a gender with its note recipe, it just smells great.

Technically classified as a woody floral musk (if it must be pinned down), you'll notice notes of Amalfi lemon, juniper berries, tea, floral notes, woodsy notes, and musk throughout Voyage d'Hermès' complicated top, heart and base. This is yet another truly excellent fragrance from everyone's favorite store at which to window-shop, Hermès.