Gucci Memoire D'une Odeur

Memoir D'une Odeur: 3.4 oz
Gucci's Mémoire D'une Odeur came out in 2019; it is a universal scent that transcends time and gender and plays with sensory memory to take you on a journey unique to you. Scent, the most ancient of our five senses, attaches to memories and moments of joy, excitement, anger and sadness. A certain smell can return you to a treasured moment or bring back a feeling from your past, and Gucci has tapped into that power. Mémoire D'une Odeur introduced a new classification of scent, the mineral aromatic. The top notes are chamomile and bitter almond, and the heart is Indian jasmine and musk. The base notes are sandalwood, cedar and vanilla. This fragrance is meant to move you from the present to the past in order to orient you toward the future. Gucci has taken creativity to the next level in this masterpiece for any Gucci fan that loves to explore the old through the new.