Zegna Forte

Zegna Forte: 3.4 oz

Ermenegildo Zegna, world-famous designer of luxury goods of all kinds (shoes, scarves, clothes, sunglasses, wallets) made the anticipated foray into the fragrance world in 1992. Zegna Forte is an amber fragrance for men that was introduced in 2010. From top to heart to base, Zegna has organized intriguing, smart, serious, luxurious, and masculine notes to transform into what Zegna intended when it tapped its first fragrance wiz to put Forte together. Pink pepper, ginger, citruses, grapefruit and lemon account for the top notes. White honey, tobacco and lavender are Zegna Forte's notes in the middle. Tonka bean, amber and woodsy notes are the all notes that anchor this fragrance. Forte lives up to its name as a strong and fortified scent that will stay with you anywhere you go.