YSL Y Eau Fraiche


This is an exciting new woody aromatic fragrance for men that was released just last year in 2020. When YSL releases a new fragrance, it usually does not go unnoticed, and besides the lines of true fragrance fans out the door to get one of the first bottles made, this variant's name has been dropped over and over again in men's magazines and has had its advertisements plastered across multiple billboards. Even without the help of Yves St. Laurent's top marketing team, chances are this fragrance would do just fine on its own---now and into the future. Lemon, ginger, and pepper can be found at the top of the note pyramid. The heart consists of geranium, mint, lavender, and juniper berries. Anchor notes consist of the reliable notes of cedar and olibanum. True creativity was at work when this luxury woody aromatic was built, and it shows top to bottom. This cologne wears best in the springtime, as its notes are fresh and tend to jive with outfits a man would find himself wearing that time of year.

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