YSL Paris


Who knows Paris better than Yves Saint Laurent? Like the City of Light itself, this perfume is a complex array of moving parts, disparate elements that blend together to create a unique beauty found only in Paris. It opens with mimosa, rose, hyacinth, bergamot, cassia and nasturtium, a rich floral that brings to mind the bouquet-studded streets. The middle consists of violet, rose, lily, lime blossom, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The base is yet more floral, with iris, heliotrope, oakmoss and some amber and sandalwood. It's the perfume that keeps on giving, with ever more flowers hidden in the mix, and as an eau de toilette it's not overwhelming. Paris is the scent of the city in the spring.

From 1983, this woody floral for women is all that a perfume should be. It continues to impress to this day, and for a woman to open a present to find this inside would yield nothing but excitement and wonder. Notes of Rose, Mimosa, Hiacynth, Geranium, Green Notes, Nasturtium, Orange Blossom, Hawthorn, Cassia and Bergamot start things off right. Beating heart/middle notes of Rose, Violet, Lily, Lime Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine and Orris Root offer intrigue and femininity. Base notes like iris, Heliotrope, Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Amber and Cedar ensure a comfortable approach that won't soon be forgotten. This fragrance is a light way to indulge the luxury senses. Warm and sensual, This perfume is a keeper, and a beautiful spray that you will adore forever and always.