YSL Opium for Men

Opium for Men: 3.4 oz

Luxury goods designer at the forefront of the industry, Yves St. Laurent, hit the bullseye with the design and marketing of Opium for Men. Genius fragrance mind Jacques Cavallier, who has worked with many other big-name designers in the past, took on the task for Yves St. Laurent of building YSL Opium for Men from the ground up.

Completed and released to department stores and boutiques back in 1995, it rocketed its way through the new millennium and continues its successful sales numbers to this day.

This amber spicy fragrance dates all the way back to 1995. Cavallier is nothing if not the human embodiment of fragrance-creation perfection. Black currant and star anise went into the top notes. The middle notes are pepper and galanga. Anchor notes are bourbon vanilla, tolu balsam, and atlas cedar. All these notes come together to create the ultimate in amber spicy perfection that is utterly masculine and screams luxury and exclusivity.