XOXO: 3.4 oz

XOXO perfectly captures the day-and-night versatility of its fashion house, and it embodies astoundingly the "hugs and kisses" of its name, with warm notes balanced out by sweeter notes. Among its diverse accords are passionfruit, vanilla, sandalwood, bergamot, musk and apricot. It's a woody perfume with crisp fruit notes stirred in, and its feminine charm makes it one of the sexiest perfumes ever released. 

 XOXO A powdery, fruity, musky perfume for ladies released in the early 2000s, this perfume is not one to be missed. It is both complex and affordable, feminine and daring. It can be worn on a date or to the office. Wear it out for drinks or shopping with the gals. There is nothing this perfume cannot do. Tropical, vanilla, and citrus accords bring this perfume home and keep it there, making both wearer and passerby happy to be where they are.