Versace Pour Homme


It has been echoed over and over by many in and around the world of high-end, high-priced, designer luxury fashion that one thing is true: Due to climbing prices on already cost-prohibitive luxury items like $10,000 dresses, $900 shoes, $500 dress shirts, and $3,000 handbags, the best way for the average person (here, read 99.99999% of the world population) to break into this world and get a piece of the luxury goode fun for themselves without taking out another mortgage is through sunglasses and fragrance. Versace is one of those companies who bears the descriptor cost-prohibitive and needs a workaround for those who don"t happen to have trust funds for their "help." A perfect example is Versace Pour Homme. It is a chance to get to know the brand and its meaning at a unique and oft-overlooked level: The olfactory one. Versace Pour Homme was released in 2008, and is an aromatic fougere that required MUCH work and thoughtful design to get it JUST right. Scent, after all, is the strongest sense tied to memory.... So an introduction with  a bad impression cannot be afforded in the luxury fashion realm. This makes this scent and others by Versace well worth the money, which is not that expensive after all is said and done.

Versace Pour Homme, a mineral-floral fragrance, was launched in 2008. The clary
sage and blue hyacinth marry handsomely for a masculine cologne reminiscent of
a beach walk.