Versace Dreamer

Dreamer: 3.4 oz

Versace's The Dreamer is crispy aromatic. Juniper, tarragon and artemisia top, with smooth and subtle flowers at the heart: iris, lily, flax. The exotic note tobacco blossom rounds out the base along with amber. It's a scent that evokes the high skies and the one who has set his eyes toward it.

Versace The DreamerThis is an interesting, floral aromatic fragrance for men from sought after and respected luxury design house Versace. It is a fragrance that's all over the an interesting and varied fashion, not a disorganized and messy way. White floral scents meet amber and amber and iris and the fresh-spicy hits that come from the best of notes that make up its note pyramid. Captivating the globe since its release nearly a decade ago, it has stood out from other exceedingly high-end, rafter-priced luxury fragrance makers and has managed to use its badge of wild, daring, fragrant abandon to garner critical and commerical chatter alike. Notes the likes of juniper, artemisia, iris, flax, tobacco blossom, and amber populate top, heart, and base notes that made "The Dreamer" a fragrance for men that feels just like you're gliding through a dreamworld filled with fragrance combinations like you've never before seen, and inspiring you to take risks within the safe confines of your personal dreamy dreamland, just as Versace allows you to do with abandon in your own personal exploration for that often-elusive signature scent.