Valentino Uomo Acqua

Valentino Uomo Acqua: 4.2 oz
Valentino is one of the luxury design houses that stands out among the other ridiculously luxurious, professionally-appointed, celebrity and hollywood endorsed and approved, teflon Luxury design houses. It is Talk about luxury. Talk about effortless. Talk about classic meets modern. The best of Italy meets the best of...well, where do YOU live? They seem to have captured the best of every decade in which they've existed in a fashion time capsule, and nobody has one quite like it, and very few know what it is they lack. Their fragrance additions to the world are just as unique and special. Uomo Acqua is an aromatic, leather fragrance that launched in 2017. Tomato, mandarin orange (top), sage and patchouli (heart), and iris and leather (base) are key fragrances that make up the note pyramid that is Uomo Acqua-- another patently mysterious, effortlessly hip, and breezily luxurious release from the Italian design house that sits among kings and queens of design but will never kiss the ring.