Usher UR for Men

Usher UR for Men: 3.4 oz

R&B and pop sensation Usher Raymond (known simply as Usher) has a multitude of popular hits that have graced bars, clubs, school dances, competition shows, and more for over 2 decades now. His music tends to be listeners' chosen soundtrack for moments physical intimacy (or hope of such a thing occuring). This fragrance from the man himself,  "UR for Men" is a creative and inspirational aromatic fruity cologne released in 2008. Sea water, guaiac wood, cashmere wood, fruity notes, and others wind and weave together ever-so-sensually to create the perfect scent to capture Usher's provocative and sexy sound that continues to draw crowds, records, and beg for autographs and backstage quality-time. Most of Usher's music was a bullseye in its approach, and this fragrance he signed off on can be your ticket to the land of lavender lilacs and luscious lips.