Elizabeth Arden True Love

True Love: 3.4 oz

This is an amber floral invention from Elizabeth Arden that debuted in 1994. Staying power it has indeed; to this day, it's as if it was released only yesterday. The buzz around this eau de toilette and the demand for it seems to have stayed the same as it ever was. Whether a gift or a personal buy for one's own collection, it continues to sell and sell well. The note profile contains nothing shocking, and there is a lot to be said for the reliability and trustworthiness that comes with these notes. Top notes are apricot, peach, freesia and green notes. At the beating heart, notes include the likes of iris, rose, orris root, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine. The entire fragrance is anchored by base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and cedar. It is hard to go wrong with such a setup, one that you can rely on 24/7/365. One whiff of this delicate perfume, and you'll be in love.