Moschino Toy 2

Toy 2: 3.4 oz

Following up their groundbreaking Toy perfume, 4 years later Moschino released Toy 2.  It's a soft, crisp, sweet and fruity floral. Top notes are apple, orange and magnolia, over a center of currant, peony and jasmine.  The base is sandalwood, amberwood and musk. It's a soft and sensual perfume that wears great in the spring and summer. 

Yet another fun and fun-loving, attractive and attracting fragrance variant for ladies from designer Moschino, "Toy 2" was launched in 2018. A floral woody musk for ladies this definitely does not fit into any one box, culturally or demographically or fragrantly. The notes that went into its fragrant construction include Apple, Mandarin Orange and Magnolia (Top notes), White Currant, Peony and Jasmine (Heart/middle notes), and finally, Musk, Amberwood and Sandalwood (Anchor/Base notes). Never to be outdone in the category of flacon/bottle/packaging, etc., this fun and unforgettably fresh and feminine perfume is offered in a flacon that resembles (with about 99.99999999% accuracy) the classic and cute honey jars of yesterday and today that are shaped like seated bears, with their chunky, furry arms and claws wrapped possessively around their respective jar of edible or (in the case of Toy 2) spray-able liquid gold.