Tommy Hilfiger Tommy for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy for Men: 3.4 oz
Tommy for Men is a cologne from the classically preppy and practically dress code-designed clothing that has captivated all ages for decades. Tommy for Men is a fresh and spicy citrus aromatic that was first introduced back in 1995. Upon its debut and even today, this reliably excellent and versatile fragrance for men knows no age group and does not dabble in exclusivity and draw lines that indicate class or wealth. Mint, granny Smith apple, rose, cotton flower, and cactus are a few select notes from its fragrance profile. It is built to last and allowed to be tweaked and twisted if the times call for it. If you are smart enough to invest in Tommy Hilfiger, THAT is enough to make you a rich man. If you are a company smart enough to design their clothes as basic and staple, affordable luxury for the world, THAT makes you a successful company.