Tom Ford Noir for Men EDT

Tom Ford Noir for Men EDT: 3.4 oz
Offered in a sleek noir-esque black bottle, this memorable and bold aromatic spicy fragrance for men was released in 2012. Crafted under the watchful and experienced eye of high-fashion's prolific and popular rainmaker Tom Ford, Noir for Men Eau de Tiolette hit the ground running and will not stop until people's interest in fragrance disappears entirely. Its note profile is nothing if not complex. Notes from pink pepper to verbena on top, Tuscan iris and bulgarian rose at the heart, and Indonesian patchouli leaf, leather and styrax at the base seem to have both stunning and relaxing effects simultaneously. Under the direction of a lesser-experienced person, these notes and the many others included would come off as crowded, overwhelming, and complex. With Tom Ford, however, a deeply stacked note pyramid yields complexity, mystery, and effortlessly-mined masculinity. This cologne has the broad appeal and note-build to be worn year-round without question. This is top-of-the-line luxury that appeals to the masses. Although it stays special and exclusive due its higher price. Do not let that shy you away....Tom For Noir for Men is, without a doubt, worth its weight in gold.