Tiffany & Co. Love Her

Tiffany & Love for Her: 1.7 oz

Tiffany and Co Love is Tiffany's nouveau parfum for women, an even more trimmed down scent than the classic. These few notes take the concept in a much different direction, with an effect that precipitates on the aromatic. Grapefruit and basil introduce a bittersweet crispness, and the heart is pure neroli. Cedar, vetiver and sequoia at the base provide a much darker undertone. Love is designed to be a more earthy and less celestial scent, which it accomplishes to a tee. A beautiful foil to the original

Tiffany has always been a mainstay in the luxury community. Jewelry has always been their thing, but fragrance has not been lost on them either. The notes include Grapefruit, Basil, Neroli, Cedar, Vetiver and Sequoia. It is quite impressive. Little blue little blue bottle.