Lomani AB Spirit Millionaire

Spirit Millionaire: 3.4 oz

Lomani's Spirit Millionaire has everything at once: a great bottle, a reusable box, and of course a scent that smells wonderful and last all day on the skin.  It's a nutmeg-based scent, surrounded by apple, bergamot, cardamom, amber, cedar and vanilla.  It's a full-bodied scent that wears big on the skin and exudes the confidence of a millionaire.

This is a unique and interesting woody spicy fragrance for gentlemen. It may not be on the tip of everybody's tongue, but it is a fragrance that passes the test as sturdy, reliable, and intriguing.

Green apple, cardamom, bergamot, cumin, nutmeg, white musk, cedar, and many others make up the top, middle and bases of this unique note profile. Whether it is a gift or a purchase for yourself, this utterly right-priced fragrance will hit the mark and its fresh note profile promises to keep you coming back.