Creed Silver Mountain Water

Creed Silver Mountain Water: 3.4 oz

Creed is without a doubt at the top of any list in the fragrance world. All of the fragrances released by Creed are complicated, alluring, intense, and mature. "Silver Mountain Water" is no different. Designed in 1995 as a fragrance for both women and men, the master creator behind this unisex fragrance is none other than Olivier Creed. Although indeed complicated and luxurious, one cannot help but envision the relaxing and simply enrapturing qualities that the sights, sounds and smells of silver mountain water would provide when and if such a thing were live and in-person. Bergamot, mandarin orange, green tea, black currant, petitgrain, and galbanum are some of the notes that create such a vision, and keep fragrance-lovers coming back.