Sean John

Sean John: 3.4 oz

Water, mint and black pepper (and others) occupy the top note sector. Violet leaf and angelica (with a few more) account for heart notes. The base of this note pyramid has the likes of notes like musk and coumarin. This expertly-built, elaborate note pyramid is a reason why Sean John still sells since its 2016 release. Top to base, these notes of note work like a well oiled machine to form the proper vision that Sean "Puffy" Combs/P. Diddy had at this fragrance's inception. Hip hop flavor mixed with star-quality masculinity and a touch of Benjamins morphed into the note recipe we see today, and that is why it works. A solid, maleable vision met an interested, respectable and respectful fragrance creator, then marketing and the people and fans did the rest. Wear this all year, everywhere you go, and it's a foregone conclusion that you'll muster the same swagger that P.Diddyhas....MAYBE. Heck, it's at least worth a try. Shoot for the stars and land on the moon, as they say.