Sean John 3AM

Sean John 3AM: 3.4 oz

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3AM is closer in concept to I Am King than Unfogivable, but it is at once totally its own scent. Released in 2015, it's a crisp citrus scent that is sweeter and lighter than I Am King. Top notes are bergamot, mandarin and cardamom, and middle notes of fig leaf, geranium and orange blossom give the scent some more body while keeping it light. Tonic water and leather at the bottom provide a smooth and spicy freshness that is subtle but defining. 3AM is a great spring and summer scent that is absolutely not limited to the small hours of the morning but all day.

Sean John 3am Another impressive fragrance effort from Sean Combs aka P. Diddy, the rapper, producer, and actor, "3am" is an aromatic spicy fragrance that dropped in 2015. Notes like bergamot, cardamom, orange blossom, tonic water, and leather (among others) are select notes that make "3am" just what it was intended by its flamboyant, hardcore, and tough-talkin creator P. Diddy to be: fresh sensual vibes and unendingly masculine sexual pride... with a hip hop vibe. This cologne is like if "Afternoon Delight" took place at night, and had some rap verses. This cologne isn't for everyone, as it gears towards mainly those who enjoy his style of music and way of living, as well as have interest in the man himself. However, it makes for a wonderful novelty cologne and also has a baseline respectability that cannot and will not falter.