Guerlain Samsara EDP

Guerlain Samsara EDP: 3.4 oz

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What is Samsara? In many Hindu religions, Samsara is the notion of the cyclicality of life. Everything is recycled; it all comes back. In 1989, this eau de parfum was introduced for the first time. Since then it has arisen phoenixlike multiple times, the same central essence reborn into iterative forms. In 2021 it was redesigned and changed up to fit this modern society in which we live, work and play. It would appear that Guerlain does not miss a trick and has its finger on the pulse of society indeed. Its new modern-day note pyramid is sparse and trim, but this does nothing to shorten its excellence and intrigue. The top note is citruses. At the heart, notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine abound. At the anchor, the notes are sandalwood, iris, tonka bean and vanilla. While certainly less of a powerhouse than its 1989 progenitor, the perfume has inherited its best qualities and shed whatever was not suiting it when it was brought back. Who knows what form this legendary perfume will take next time? We can only wait and see.