Royal Copenhagen Musk

Royal Copenhagen Musk: 3.4 oz

Royal Copenhagen Musk This is yet another classic fragrance for men that has held out on store and boutique shelves for quite some time. Truly a classic, Musk by Royal Copenhagen was launched in 1974 to critical and commercial success alike. White floral, musky, fresh spicy, herbal, powdery, and warm, this classic has a note profile that does not shock and surprise, but promises trust and reliability. Lavender, sage, and basil are a the top. The heart notes consist of jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and neroli. At the base, the nose finds musk, oakmoss, patchouli, amber, nutmeg, and cloves. As is the style of Royal Copenhagen, none of these notes are cause for shock and awe, and they're not meant to be. They are classic and reliable, and their use has allowed Royal Copenhagen the chance to do market battle with the likes of Bond # 9 and Gucci Guilty.