Royal Copenhagen Classic

Royal Copenhagen Classic: 3.4 oz

Royal Copenhagen Classic Truly and absolutely a classic, this chypre for men was made public and released to stores all over the globe back in 1970. Time doesn't lie, and the fact that this cologne is not only still being talked about but still demanded by customers and purchased at a healthy clip says quite a lot about its quality. This chypre boasts bergamot, green notes, lemon, and others at the top. Its heart holds the likes of carnation, rose, and orris root. Honey, tobacco, and oakmoss are anchor notes. With such a note pyramid, it's no wonder this chypre has done so well all these years. Powdery, sweet, aldahydic, and musky, this classic chypre is a winner when it comes to time and money, as a bottle will not break the bank, gentlemen. Wear this classic cologne year-round....the fragrant profile calls for it, and It's earned it