Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom: 3.4 oz

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom When Ralph Lauren releases a product with their name attached to it, it never goes unnoticed and never fails to be lauded and then some. Classic, preppy, and exclusive when viewed with the mind's eye, it very well may come across as aged and exclusive. Fragrances from this design, however, go much farther. A perfume for ladies, this floral fruity blend pf expertly- compiled notes yields accords of white citrus, tropical, and fruity. This is a versatile fragrance to make those spring and summer days ever brighter and more exciting.

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom Ralph Lauren is one of the most ubiquitous and trustworthy companies pit there these days, and it is important to pay attention when they bother to release a new variant. This is a female friendly floral fruity perfume released in 2017. Its note profile is quite simple. Guava is at the top. The middle note is Ylang-Ylang. The base note is Musk. Need we say more? It's RL, folks.