Rocawear IX

Rocawear IX: 3.4 oz

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IX is the first fragrance from Rocawear. Released at the ninth anniversary of Rocawear, It's an aromatic citrus scent, with top notes of melon, mandarin orange and coriander. The heart is of suede, lavender and geranium, and the base is musk, wood and amber. IX is smooth and spicy as well light and crisp, and as such it wears well year-round.

Known for many other street fashion and city wear items, Rocawear put their fragrance crafting and marketing abilities to the test with a few different variants, which indeed saw success and still does. IX has notes of melon, mandarin orange, and coriander at the top. Suede, lavender, and geranium lie at the heart, and base notes consisting of musk, woodsy notes and amber keep IX firmly grounded.

This cologne is marketed to a younger crowd, but it's ageless due to its firm and excellent, reliable and interesting note makeup.