Johan B Rich Icone for Men

Johan B Rich Icone for Men: 3.0 oz

Johan B. Rich Icône is a gourmand fougère with a deep, aquatic aroma that works its way into your very muscles. The full-bodied richness of Rich Icône commands attention the moment it wafts around a room. In the note profile, you'll find fresh, aquatic notes at the top like grapefruit and apple; lavender and marine accords at the heart; and cedar, amber and moss at the anchor. It's a cologne with quality sillage that hangs around for quite a while, no matter your activity level. Overall, Rich Icône is a rich and complex scent, sweet with some spicier notes buried down under. It's an intensely romantic cologne.

Fans of Très Nuit Lyric will likely love this cologne.