Ralph Lauren Woman Intense

Ralph Lauren Woman Intense: 3.4 oz

Ralph Lauren Woman Intense To begin by saying that this fragrance contains a scant amount of ingredients thrown together last minute as a "money- grab would be go say that East-Coast Prep Schools Choate and Andover are simply trade schools for wayward youth without family ties or means....which would be more incorrect than saying the ocean has 1.1% water volume. It simply does not jive. A counterpart to the perfume from 2017 for woman simply titled "Woman," this perfume goes a step further without losing the thematic theme of the original "Woman" fragrance from 2017. Two years later in 2019, Ralph Lauren released.  Fragrance with a note pyramid that smacked of the original scent in spirit, did not lose its essence, but managed to grow flourish and bloom in ways unimaginable. Top notes are Black Currant, Neroli, Rhubarb and Pink Pepper. Middle notes are Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac and Orange Blossom. Base notes are Black Vanilla Husk, Sandalwood and Amberwood. Rub elbows with royalty or stand proud with your besties and you'll be able to capture exactly what Ralph Lauren was shooting for here