Karen Low Pure Crystal

Pure Crystal: 3.4 oz
Pure Crystal by Karen Low is a Floral fragrance for women with hints of woody and musky scents. This fragrance is ultra feminine and light and lasts a long time. It has a luxurious and sensual smell to it that makes it a compliment-receiving perfume with a sassy edge. This fragrance is in a clear glass and square bottle that lets you see the bright pretty pink perfume on the inside, it is very chic and elegant like the aroma that it gives off. The top notes are Grenadine, Apple and Freesia. The heart is Lotus, Peony and Jasmine. The base notes are Ambergris and Sandalwood. This perfume has the perfect ingredients to make a dazzling star. This fragrance has a fun and flirty scent that illuminates the natural beauty of any woman. Pure Crystal has a addictive and alluring aroma that makes you feel joyful and refreshed. It is a wonderful scent to make your morning spray before starting your day.