Puma Create for Men

Puma Create for Men: 2.5 oz

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Puma Create is an aromatic aquatic, intriguing, interesting, tempting and comforting men of all types on all life paths, as well as those they keep close to them since its birth in 2006. Athletic company Puma promises and delivers an energetic, versatile, masculine fragrance in their 2006 aromatic aquatic cologne, and actually delivers.

Pineapple, bergamot, and grapefruit offer top notes that energize and keep you sharp. Watermelon and bamboo provide a citrus-oriental duet that offers intrigue and uniqueness. Finally, sandalwood and amber provide a stable base that is masculine, basic, subtle, and reliable.

Create by Puma is an interesting and reliably energetic cologne that knows no age or seasonal restrictions, and just may become your new go-to when it's time to perk up and get your things together after a tiring, stressful, stuffy day.