Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman

Provocative Woman: 3.4 oz

Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden came out in 2004 as an amber floral fragrance for women. It is one of Elizabeth Arden's top-selling perfumes. Provocative Woman celebrates the nature of a seductive and attractive woman; it is an ode to women's sexuality, with all the class of Elizabeth Arden.

The top notes are quince, ginger, lotus, raspberry and peach. The heart is orchid, freesia, papaya and apricot. The base notes are sandalwood, hinoki wood, amber, white tea and cedar.

The sweet and spicy floral fragrance is a soft, sophisticated addition to the Elizabeth Arden line of perfumes. This is an ultra-feminine scent that will illuminate your best attributes as a woman. This is a perfume that radiates sexy aromas long after it is sprayed on a provocative woman's skin.