Nina Ricci Premier Jour

Nina Ricci Premier Jour: 3.4 oz

Nina Ricci Premier Jour This floral fragrance for women debuted on the fragrance market in 2001, and was meant to serve as a fragrant symbol for a rebirth of sorts for the designer. Purging the old and useless, and reinventing concepts that worked at one time were goals during this odd, eccentric, symbolic New Year celebration using a fragrance launch as the event's sticking point. The floral and fruity accents no doubt have meaning as springtime symbols, when new buds and petals arise and become the new face of a field or garden. With the note pyramid of Premier Jour, flowers play an altogether meaningful and recurring role in the scent that is supposed to stand for rebirth. Sweet Pea and Mandarin Orange top the note pyramid.  Heart notes of Gardenia and Orchid promise new beginnings, fresh starts, and young life as  rebirth symbol. Musk, Sandalwood, Woodsy Notes and Vanilla serve as anchor notes. This is a fresh, positive, and promising perfume for women from self-aware and artistically- eccentric designer NIna Ricci, and has years of success in its future.