Ralph Lauren Polo Red Remix x Ansel Elgort

Polo Red Remix: 4.2 oz

Unleashed upon the ravenous, fragrance-loving public in 2019, Red Remix by Polo Ralph Lauren made its mark as yet another R.L Polo fragrance variant that is not only worth trying and buying for personal use, but a perfect gift that sends a message that the gifter is classic, classy, and tuned into the  reliable elements of fashion society the top of that list is undoubtedly Ralph Lauren Polo.

The note pyramid is unique, intriguing, and uncrowded. Cranberry, mandarin orange, and cardamom are the top notes. At the heart of Red Remix you will find clary sage, saffron, and geranium. Coffee, amber wood, patchouli, and tonka bean are the anchor notes of this excellent, ageless, and complicated 2019 woody spicy fragrance from Ralph Lauren Polo. This scent will not be forgotten any time soon, that's for sure.