Dior Poison

Poison: 3.4 oz

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This purple perfume in a green box started the Poison line of perfumes in 1985 and has since become a legend. Its rich violet flacon in the traditional forbidden fruit-shaped contains an alluring aroma that keeps its fans coming back time and time again with its seductive and feminine scent.

The top notes are plum, wild berries, coriander, anise and rosewood. The heart is tuberose, incense, white honey, cinnamon, carnation, jasmine, African orange flower and rose. The base notes are vanilla, amber, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope, vetiver and cedar. This sweet, fruity, spicy amber floral fragrance is a great start to the famous line of perfumes.

It is dark, deep, and mysteriously enchanting, bringing out emotions that take you to a place you thought only existed in your dreams.