Boucheron Place Vendome

Boucheron Place Vendome: 3.4 oz

A quote from the brand itself, "A story rather than a face. A story of light. While Paris continues to dream, the sun’s rays slide over the rooftops. The dome of the Invalides becomes a gigantic gold flower. The sun continues to rise, its rays crossing the arcades. Shadows slip from the Vendôme Column, which points majestically at number 26. In a white light, she appears. She is the heroine. On her skin, ephemeral finery to enhance the glow found deep within each woman. Boucheron Place Vendôme.”  

This perfume for ladies was born in 2013, and is an impressive take on an amber floral variant indeed. The note profile follows the vision the company had originally. The top notes are orange blossom, tangerine, pink pepper and rose. The middle notes are honey, jasmine, praline and peony, and the anchoring notes are benzoin and cedar. This elegant eau de parfum is an exercise in beauty, and anyone who wants to flex can wear this amber floral with ease and pride.