Perry Ellis America for Women

Perry Ellis America for Women: 5.0 oz

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America for women by Perry Ellis came out in 1996 as a Fruity Floral fragrance for women. It is a good, clean, fresh scent that is meant to be worn more casually during any season. There is a partner fragrance for men to this perfume and both perfume and cologne versions are for the all-American guys and gals. The top notes are Freesia, Granny Smith apple, Blueberry, Grapefruit and Lilac. The heart is Tea, Nectarine, Honeysuckle and Lily. The base notes are Sequoia, Virginia Cedar, Vanilla, Orchid, Plum and Musk. It is a versatile scent that has a harmonious energy and sophisticated warmth to it that is very attractive. Most Americans are on the go, and this fragrance is one you would spray on in the morning to give yourself a refreshing and unique scent, or as a quick pick-me-up/attitude adjuster on a long day of work. Treat yourself or a friend to a bottle of Perry Ellis's America for Women and you will both be impressed.