Munsingwear Penguin Classic

Munsingwear Penguin Classic: 3.4 oz

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Munsingwear Penguin Classic This relaxed and fun cologne for men was released in 2011. The only thing serious about this woody aromatic fragrance is the effort that went into its careful and thoughtful note construction. Not overloaded with the potent and nonsensical simply for dramatic effect, this cologne keeps it fairly simple (without coming off as basic or underdone).

Red apple and neroli occupy the top of this fragrance's note pyramid, with pepper, pine, and lavender notes at the heart. Base notes of vanilla, musk, and patchouli keep this fragrance steady and grounded.

This is a fairly conservative fragrance that does not scream and shout when it reaches the nose of wearers and passersby alike. It is versatile enough to be worn year round, and subtle enough to be any gentleman's footnote, not his title.