Giorgio Armani My Way


My Way, created by designer Giorgio Armani, is a new fragrance launched in 2020. This floral musk is in a clear glass flacon so you can see the pretty pink perfume on the inside, but the blue and gold top holds a deeper meaning.

The blue represents the universe that we all live in together so in that sense it unites us. The gold represents the life path that we are all uniquely on in our own way, but also together with the Giorgio logo stamped in it to represent the people and adventures we come upon along our journey.

The top notes are Orange Blossom and Bergamot. The heart is Tuberose and Indian Jasmine; base notes are White Musk, Madagascar Vanilla and Virginian Cedar. This fabulous fragrance uses ingredients from all around the world to express the adventurous and worldly woman that the perfume is meant for. This woman is confident, open-minded and seeking to open her horizons. This feminine fragrance is bold, yet soft and definitely captures the complexity of a modern-day beautiful woman. This is aroma that you will understand and adore.