Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty: 2.5 oz

This Amber Floral fragrance for ladies was released in 2005. Not wildly dissimilar to other luxury perfumes of the modern age, but interesting enough to stand up and take notice over its long life in waters filled with sharks (sharks...who shall not be called by name, whose signature handbags tend to retail for several thousand dollars, shoes for roughly $600-800, sunglasses for $300+,  and dresses for $10k). Miss Sixty is still on shelves to this day, without being one of the "Big 5" luxe designers' names that just may roll off a toddler's lips before "Mama" or "Daddy." Rhubarb and Red Currant are the top notes. The Heart notes are the likes of Heliotrope and Sweet Pea;  Amber and Brazilian Rosewood account for bold and sturdy anchor notes at the fragrances base.