Michael Kors for Men

Michael Kors for Men: 2.4 oz

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Michael Kors for Men This amber woody fragrance for men made its debut in 2014 to critical and public positivity. Since its introduction, it has positively stuck like glue to fragrance lovers the world over.

Michael Kors is so popular these days, its not surprising that a submission to the world of fragrance would go unnoticed. But it is a competitive world. Star anise and black pepper are two memorable notes that make up the top of the fragrance. The heart of Michael Kors for men is suede, incense, and sage. Anchoring the note pyramid is patchouli, sandalwood, woody notes, and musk.

Masculine, reliable, and complex, this is yet another addition to the Michael Kors luxury fragrance lineup that shines as bright as his reputation. Wear this cologne in more formal settings--it deserves it, and so do you.

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