Prada Luna Rossa Sport

Prada Luna Rossa Sport: 3.4 oz

Released in 2015, a year before its "Eau Sport" counterpart of 2016 fame, luxury designer Prada injected its usual energy, effort, and understanding of its audience into "Sport."

This is an amber spicy fragrance that promises the same blend of luxury, masculinity, and reliability as "Eau Sport." Juniper berries and ginger are the top notes that lead the charge and offer a nip of energy and a splash of novelty.

Lavender is the single, solitary note that accounts for the heart of this fragrance and shows its daring approach to fragrance in its simplicity. Finally, notes of vanilla and tonka bean offer a reliable, masculine approach that is often difficult to tweak all that much without losing the audience the company is shooting for...and that they understand this says all they want to say.

This cologne is simple luxury at its most energetic and daring. Men from anywhere on any path can see some greatness in Prada Luna Rossa Sport.