Lucky You for Women

Lucky You: 3.4 oz

Lucky You, one of Lucky Brand's casual masterpieces, is a sweet floral.  It opens with grapefruit and hyacinth, a crisp and sweet introduction.  Exotic flowers like star jasmine and blue poppy round out the center along with peony, and the base is built on musk, amber and sandalwood.  It's a slightly fruity floral that is easy to wear with any outfit.

Lucky Brand has many different products under its belt. Clothes, accessories and fragrances alike are all intriguing and effortlessly cool. This variant in particular was released in 2000 as a floral fruity fragrance. Grapefruit, Water Hyacinth and Green Leaves occupy the top of the note pyramid. Heart notes are Peony, Star Jasmine and Blue Poppy, and the anchors of this fragrance include   Musk and Sandalwood. Feminine, fresh, and ultra cool, it's Lucky to be You if you happen across this excellent fragrance.