Guerlain L'instant EDP

Guerlain L'instant EDP: 2.7 oz

This rich floral for ladies launched shortly past the turn of the millennium, in 2003. The name is much how it looks in English, "The Instant of Guerlain," that is to say, 'the exact moment, the precise point, the veritable bullseye of the Guerlain conceptual target.' And how! This eau de parfum, rather than a remix from the Gay Nineties or a Great War throwback like many of the maison's other recent releases, is a genuinely new scent from Guerlain. Not remixed to feel up-to-date but actually created in modernity, L'instant is an expression of 'how I'm feeling right now.' Orange, apple and bergamot at the top slide into broad florals at the heart like magnolia, iris, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The base of musk, honey, vanilla, amber and benzoin add a dark and rich element. L'instant flirts with the concept of being a gourmand without taking the Angel dive and being overrich. This now-rare offering from Guerlain sits in its own category, and, like finding a wonderful poem you forgot you wrote, takes you back to the instant of its creation with almost no effort on your part.