Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Set

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Set: 3.3 oz

This is a crisp, citric sandalwood fragrance for women that debuted earlier than the men's version, as it came about in 2001. It has all of the panache and intrigue of the male version, and has been just as successful, if not more so. The note profile you will find is uncrowded and simplistic, but complex and luxuriously feminine. Top notes are Sicilian lemon, apple, cedar and bellflower. The middle notes are bamboo, jasmine and white rose. Anchoring it all are base notes of cedar, musk and amber. This is luxurious femininity at its absolute finest. Ladies, wear it and wear it with your head held high.

The magic is now available in a fantastic set that brings the citrus aromatic fragrance of fragrances to the lady who wants to expand her morning routine. The set includes a full-size bottle of D&G Light Blue, a travel spray of the same, and a body lotion as well. This makes an excellent gift for the holidays, or works for a love-me gift. Do not forget about this special go-to set!

*Set appearance may vary