Estee Lauder Intuition for Men

Intuition for Men: 3.4 oz

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Estée Lauder’s Intuition for men is a smooth and comforting scent that can be worn year round. It is a versatile fragrance, perfect for an evening with the family, an important business meeting, or a night out with a lucky date. Based with raisin, incense, labdanum and myrrh, the scent carries a heavy yet not overpowering aroma. Middle notes of cedar, apple and patchouli add a spicy feel to the wearer. The fragrance is lightened a bit by the top notes of cucumber, marigold and aldehydes. Sage, cardamom and nutmeg are also top accords that account for much of the spice carried all the way through. The most important element of the fragrance is amber, which can be found through every layer of the scent.