Michael Malul Ktoret Santorini 138

Michael Malul Ktoret Santorini: 3.4 oz

Michael Malul 138 Santori is an aromatic fruity fragrance for men that first saw stores in 2020. Young and simply built, but seemingly wise, ageless, and complex when you get to know its olfactory blueprint, this interesting and fun cologne is going to have a long life.

The top of the note pyramid is made up of grapefruit, apple, and mandarin orange. The middle notes consist of lavender, nutmeg, and jasmine. At the base, we have sandalwood, amber, and patchouli. Fragrances by Michael Malul are infinitely surprising.  Malul's fragrance lineup consists of complex fragrances with a decidedly minimalist approach.

This ages Malul considerably, as if they've been making fragrances since the 19th century. Truly timeless and incredibly complex without coming across as overly potent and hokey, Michael Malul has done it again....and "simply" nailed it.