Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur

JPG Monsieur: 3.4 oz

Another smash hit from the designer who, when it comes to fragrance design, agrees that brevity is the soul of invention, Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur Eau de Matin delivers from morning to evening.

Eau de Matin (= Morning Water) has a recipe that consists of citrus and bergamot, petitgrain, cedar, and guaiac wood. It's indeed impressive in its restrained creative approach, while so many other designers take advantage of their role and go overboard.

Classed as a woody aromatic fragrance, it will be easy to see after sampling this cologne that it can be worn by people of any age, anywhere, with no restrictions. Jean Paul Gaultier creates classics, and Monsieur Eau du Matin is no different.